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One of the most popular questions we get in our FB group is “How do I start couponing?”.

There are 3 easy ways to get access to coupons:
1. Printable Coupons – You can print coupons right from your own computer and other smart media devices!

Here are a few great websites to print your coupons from:


2.   Discounted Sunday Newspapers – Click Here to get our discounted pricing!




3. Digital Coupons :  Many retailers have awesome digital coupons, and they are a great way to get coupons without a lot of work.



Now that you have coupons, what do you do with them?


The MOST important thing we want you to remember is, you are not going to save 90% off your grocery bill instantly or every week!

HOWEVER, every week you can stock up on the Killer Deals , that is why we recommend getting 4 newspapers delivered every Sunday .

This will help you to build your personal stockpile for the things you need regularly, so you can avoid paying full retail prices!

You don’t want to spend a large amount of money out of pocket to build up your stockpile.  You will buy extra Killer Deals, and pay the same if not less, for 4 items as you normally would have paid for just one, when matching sales with coupons .  We also follow the sales cycles to help us remember when we can plan for specific types of items to go on sale.

Overall, take the time to look over the deals that we post, make sure that you are getting enough coupons to hold you until the next sale cycle comes to avoid having to pay retail.

Don’t forget, with our 801 coupon database, you can find the coupons you need.



Saving even more with REBATE APPS!

To enhance your savings we strongly suggest, using additional rebate apps like Ibotta, Mobisave and Checkout 51

By using rebate apps, you can earn rebates for items you are already purchasing. 

View our Apps page to learn more OR Rebate apps to MAXIMIZE your savings post!!!


Please take the time to learn to use your coupons like they are meant to be used!!!

Please make sure that you read your coupons carefully and redeem them as they are intended.

801 Coupon Addicts does not promote fraudulent use of coupons. In addition, remember store policies are ever changing and we have most available for you here.



We have  Classes & Shopping Trips 

We would love to teach you the tips & the tricks of couponing!!



Q: “Why does everyone love to go shopping with Melissa and Jennifer?”

A: We pre-order the items so they are ready at the store, we provide shopping list, your coupons for shopping trip, and we take you through the whole process (shopping & checkout) for just $15.00.

Shopping trips are typically under $50.00
Come see how easy we make it for you!
Q: “Why would I go to a couponing class?”
A: Melissa & Jennifer make 2 hours of class time fun and they go over the following basics of everyday couponing:
  • How and where to get your coupons.
  • Terminology of couponing 101 lingo.
  • Understanding of coupons and their fine print.
  • Easy ways to organize coupons.
  • Apps to enhance your savings.
  • Teach you how to use coupons to save the most amount of money. 
  • Sale Cycles, and how to start your own big OR little stockpile.

After you take this class, you will never pay retail again!!! Class admission is $20 
This is money well spent, you make this money back in your first shopping trip!!! From there you will continue to save your family hundreds and thousands of dollars!!!!



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