There are a lot of different ways to organize your coupons.

We have tried them ALL!   We have clipped, alphabetized, categorized, organized and reorganized in envelopes, binders, big and little files….

and our BIGGEST complaint we had was the TIME it took to do all these things,

not to mention re-going through them all to recycle expired coupons!

Cutting out every coupon alone took us about 30 minutes to an hour each week, plus organizing them took even longer.

As busy moms, working full time we needed something quick and easy!

So here is an easy method we use that will take you less than 2 minutes each week to organize!

It is the file method, and it is what we would recommend doing above all else for beginners. It saves so much time!

First purchase binder or a hanging file box or drawer system.  (We like the binder because it’s easier to take into the store)








You will only need minimum of 4 folders or sleeves to begin! If you wish to separate inserts, you may by labeling tabs as: 

(1) SS (SmartSource) (2) RP (Red Plum) (3) P & G (Procter & Gamble) and (4) Misc. 

Then you will want to take the inserts out of the Sunday paper and stack “like” inserts together each week. Different weeks we get different inserts, check out the Sunday Coupon insert preview for reference.

Make a pile of all the same SmartSource inserts. Then a pile of the same Red Plum ones. And then P&G -we only get these ones once a month.
Take a thick marker and write the date on the front cover of each insert.


(If you forgot to mark your inserts date- you can find the date, in very small print on rim of the insert binding.)

Take each stack and place into either clear sleeve or separated by divider.  

We place the newest stack of inserts on the top/in front of the previous week, marked with date and separated by insert category. 

Every week you add a new stack of inserts, once you have accumulated for 3 months, the majority of coupons in the insert will be expired,

so at that point you would take the coupons and recycle them.

Use a misc. folder / clear sleeve

for things like internet pintables, fast food coupons, or other great coupons you find.
And that is it! It takes hardly any time at all to file away your inserts.


So now you ask, “How do we use all the coupons? You can’t see them!”

That is the beauty of  801 Coupon Addicts and our Facebook group .

Our store deals and breakdowns will tell you what coupons you will need that week and where they are located.

For example, the list or deal will say “Wet n Wild  9/11 SS (SmartSource) $1/1.

So, you will go to your binder/file, open it up to that date (9/11) and cut out your coupon ($1/1) from the Smart Source insert.

It’s so easy and saves tons of time!!!
Plus, you have access to our 801 Coupon Addicts coupon database to search where your coupons are located.

It doesn’t get easier than that!


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