There are many ways to pay it forward.

Sometimes it can be done as easy as leaving unwanted coupons near products in your retail store to brighten up another shopper’s day!

When we go shopping, we love stalking other shopper’s carts, in the isles or checkout, so that we can kindly pass coupon(s) their direction.  Surprisingly, we haven’t been refused!

It’s also really fun to add tags with cute little sayings to item, we have couponed and give out to neighbors, teachers, family and friends for a “thank you” or “just because” gifts.

We typically have more coupons in our purse than we have cash, so when it comes to donations we are thrilled to assist with donation drives throughout the year!

We count our blessings every day, and know sometimes people are in need of basic necessities.  As couponers, these are items we get free or very cheap,that’s how we have the ability to PAY IT FORWARD, ONE COUPON AT A TIME!

We are blessed to be a blessing, and now you are too.

We just completed our Ronald McDonald House Collection Drive,

Thank you to all those that contributed!




Here some are some pictures of our PAYING IT FORWARD FUN!