Product Image: A picture of the product the coupons can be used on.

Manufacturer coupon: Can be used at most stores and is not specific to one chain store. Sometimes you will see the “Target Web Coupon” in this space and you know that it is a Target coupon and not a manufactures coupon.

Watermark: Will appear behind the value of the coupon

Expiration Date: Do not try to use the coupon after the expiration date. The dots behind the expiration date are a security feature and should always show up, even on a black and white coupon.

Unique Serial number: Each coupon printed has it’s own unique number in this area to detect fraudulent copies.

Barcode: Is scanned at check out to tell the computer the value of your coupon.

Coupon Details: Tells you what the coupon is intended for. Always read and follow them.

Coupon Value: the amount you will be discounted at checkout

Unique Border: Shows a time stamp and date when the coupon was printed.

Logo: Shows the site the coupon was generated through