FREE is our Favorite F Word”!

Melissa and Jennifer are two CRAZY COUPONING COUSINS that have a passion to find and share frugal deals to help others grow their personal stockpiles and save money by couponing. We promote community involvement and come together in our group to pay it forward one coupon at a time!

Melissa had a dream in 2014 (literally dreamed the name 801 Coupon Addicts, and dreamed she was going to share her knowledge of how to coupon and help others). 
She told her kids (who of course laughed),
“Mom- no one is going to pay you nor want to know how to coupon”

Well… Melissa didn’t let that stop her!!!
She called Jennifer, told her she didn’t want to do it alone…
Together they knew that they had a gift and a PASSION to teach and BLESS others with savings.

Melissa and Jennifer hosted their first home party (like a Tupperware party with 6-15 people)  and grew from that to what we have now a full-fledged couponing community.

A few years later we are launching our website, not to mention all of our social media:
Classes are regularly taught to teach the ways of frugal shopping, groups are taken on shopping trips monthly….
With the warning that saving money is an addiction, hence “801 Coupon Addicts~ where FREE is our Favorite F Word”!